Frequently asked questions -beach chair

We collect most of common questions for a beach chair and hope they can save your time to make the final decision to choose the best beach chairs for your vacation. If you want to read one detailed buying post, there is one for you:, and it provides some tips and factors to consider buying one beach chair.

Are pillows necessary for a beach chair?

If you are planning a beach visit, then you want to be comfortable to enjoy it. Using a towel does not provide enough comfort. Well-designed pillows are necessary to provide ultimate comfort.

Remember that after some time, you will be required to clean and air the pillows. You should ensure that the cushions are removable. The color of the pillows should also compliment the theme of your beach chair.

Should a beach chair come with sun protection?

Sun protection is not a necessary feature when choosing a beach chair. However, if you are going to spend a whole day in the summer sun by the beach, you may want to consider this feature. An adjustable beach umbrella is crucial if in such moments. No amount of sunscreen or oil is going to protect you from sunburns if you don’t have a beach umbrella.

How do I clean mold from a beach chair?

It’s expected for a beach chair to get mold. It should, however, not be a problem removing it. You should always ensure you are wearing protective gear such as gloves and goggles. You can also look for protective outwear to prevent the solutions from damaging your clothes. You can use ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda to remove the mold. White vinegar is an inexpensive and locally available option too. Allow the solution to sit for a while before wiping it off. You can use more vinegar for areas that are profoundly affected.

How do I clean rust from beach chairs?

Beach chairs are likely to rust after continuous use since they are exposed to humidity and salty conditions of seawater. You can clean beach chairs using vinegar and lime juice to remove light rust on the beach chair. However, if the chair is severely affected, you will have to apply a coat of fresh paint. The paint prevents further degradation. You can also purchase commercial stain removers which will help with the rust problem.

How much is a beach chair?

There are numerous beach chairs from different manufactures. The prices might differ depending on the brand, material, and extras it comes with. If you only spend vacations on the beach occasionally, then a cost-per-use pricing plan is a great option. The features will also determine the price of the chair.

However, if you spend all summers and springs o the beach, you should consider purchasing a beach chair to cut costs in the long run. You can go for a budget beach chair and buy the accessories separately. However, always ensure you are buying a beach chair within your budget. There is something for every budget.

Where can I but beach chairs?

Beach chairs can be bought anywhere, including your local retailer. If you are a master at online shopping, most online retailers like amazon have a load of beach chairs to offer. Online retailers are also recommended since their products are reasonably priced. You can also purchase beach chairs from general furniture retailers such as Wayfair and Chaplins.

Benefits of dementia microwaves: You should know

Did you know that there are special microwaves available for people who have dementia?

Yes, you read that, right!

There are numerous benefits of dementia microwaves, which make them easy to use. The ordinary person might not appreciate them, but it makes life easier for people suffering from dementia. Ponfish posted one article that talks about the Buying guide of microwaves for seniors with dementia patients, and it should be helpful for somebody who wants to buy this kind of microwaves.

Today, we will share with you such benefits so that you can decide whether buying such a microwave is a good idea.

1. Simplified controls:

Microwaves are becoming more and more complex. These days, you have various modes, buttons as well as functions on offer in a microwave. A person who has dementia cannot remember all of these functions. Each time he/she has to operate the microwave, they would have to go through the learning curve once again. Even then, it is difficult for them to use the microwave.

The perfect solution is simplified controls. Dementia microwaves mostly consist of just two knobs. The first one is to set the time in the second one is to set the temperature. Thus, it becomes easy for them to operate the microwave. There is no learning curve involved. The functioning of both the knobs is highlighted and easy to understand. So, their ailment does not interfere with their ability to operate the microwave.

2. Attention catching alerts:

Most individuals who have dementia cannot remember that they have put something in the microwave. That is why it is common for them to forget about it. However, dementia microwaves consist of attention-catching alerts. In most cases, these include audio alerts.

The audio alert is loud enough to grab the attention. So, the person will know right away when to extract the ingredients from the microwave. It ensures that they can complete the cooking task without any disruption.

3. Auto Shut-down mechanism:

Even with the audio alerts, it might get difficult for people to shut down the microwave in time. It means that there is always the risk of burning the food or excessive consumption of electricity. Dementia microwaves are a one-stop solution to this problem as well.

Most of them come with an auto-shutdown mechanism after a designated time. In many cases, after some period of inactivity, they shut down. It means that the probability of food burning or excessive consumption of electricity is low. That is why they are such an excellent choice for people who have dementia.

4. Easy to open and close:

The design of such ovens is simple. The first and foremost change that you would notice is a large handle to open and close the lid. As a result, the entire design is self-explanatory.

With only two knobs on offer, it is easy for people to operate without remembering its functions. A large handle ensures that handling the door is not going to be a problem.

While for a healthy individual, these benefits of the dementia microwave might seem small. For someone who has dementia, it can certainly make the microwave much easier to use. It is why they are the perfect kitchen appliance or a gift item for someone who has dementia.