Why are electric bikes so popular?

Why are electric bikes so popular

Even now, electric bicycles still seem a bit unusual on city streets. They can ride significantly faster than traditional bicycles, and cyclists seem to hardly pedal (sometimes not pedal at all!).

What is an electric bicycle? Do I need to pedal when riding a bicycle? We will explain how electric bicycles work, their prices and where to buy electric bicycles under 1000.

Game changer

“They are indeed game-changers. They are like confidence-building machines. They provide a real opportunity to persuade non-cyclists (drivers and commuters, and those who haven’t been cyclists for many years) to switch pedal power.”

They have exchanged in droves. Halfords calls 2017 the “year of electric bicycles” and predicts that we will be “on the cusp of the electric bicycle boom” after last year’s sales have increased fourfold.

The Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy is also partly responsible.
“E-bike is a perfect combination of your own manpower and a little help. Once you ride an e-bike, you can ride a bicycle completely,” he said.

The audience is expanding

By far, the largest purchasers of electric bicycles are often people who can’t ride bicycles-probably because they are older or disabled. For example, Halfords sells 65% of its electric bicycles to people over 55.

But according to Mintel, more and more existing cyclists are also buying electric bicycles, and 11% of them plan to buy electric bicycles in the next 12 months.

To some extent, their popularity is due to research showing that contrary to expectations, electric bicycles are almost as healthy as traditional bicycles. In some cases even more so.

Scientific research

A recent Norwegian study found that e-bike riders spend almost as much effort on the same track as regular cyclists-using 51% of their lung capacity, compared with 58% of regular cyclists.

The speed of electronic bicycles has also increased by 21%.
Another study by the University of Bristol found that after 20 weeks of e-biking, aerobic fitness increased by 10.9%. In contrast, people’s fitness capacity in traditional bicycles has only increased by 8%.

The study also found that electric bicycles can help improve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. Help with tougher slopes

In addition, studies have found that electric bicycles give cyclists the confidence to try tougher slopes because they know they can reverse the bike if needed.

Lead author Professor Ashley Cooper said: “Participants used electric bicycles for commuting, shopping, and entertainment, and expressed how electric bicycles can help them overcome obstacles to active ridings, such as hills.”

The study also shows that electric bicycles may be more suitable than traditional bicycle riders in general, because in many cases, electric bicycles may travel long distances and ride bicycles more frequently.

Technological progress is also playing a role.

John Worthington, a senior analyst at Mintel, said: “Technology and design are developing rapidly, and new lighters are increasingly indistinguishable from traditional bicycles in appearance.”

Not long ago, electric bicycles were relatively difficult to operate and caused bicycle tremors when riding-but now, the experience is more like riding a regular bicycle.

Their prices have also dropped, although the cheaper price is about 650 pounds, but still much more expensive than traditional bicycles.

For now, you must be at least 14 years old to ride an electric bike in the UK, although there are no permits, mandatory helmets, or taxes for bikes with a speed of 15.5 mph.

Go far

Further development of technology and longer battery life means that electric bicycles can cover a longer distance of 50 kilometers with a single charge.

Choose four settings from Eco (lowest level), Tour, Sport, and Turbo (highest level), and with their corresponding assistance, you can choose the power you want to apply, or you can operate the bicycle power without “no” Assist mode”.

Therefore, whether you are a novice or a professional, no matter where you are, the world is under your feet. Regardless of your fitness level, it is possible to choose a route that is only suitable for cyclists in the Tour de France.

Alternative to public transportation and traffic congestion

The use of electric bicycles is not limited to holidays or leisure; they can be used throughout the year, and when more and more people can reach 30 kilometers to work and stay active, they can also be used as a cheaper way of public transportation Alternatives and can avoid traffic jams.

Not only can you work faster, but there are more things in your lower back, and at the same time you can improve your fitness level.

So that everyone can ride a bicycle!

Traditionally, cycling is a limited activity for patients with injuries, heart disease, back problems, prosthetic knees, prosthetic hip joints, and arthritis.

If someone suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease, strenuous exercise is not recommended, but electric bicycles can gradually improve their fitness levels for people of all ages and fitness levels without causing fatigue or injury.

Families can now take the risk for quite a long distance, allowing all members of different fitness levels and ages to travel unimpeded and enjoy a completely enjoyable experience.

Electric bicycles are eligible to participate in the bicycle tax relief program

Now it’s really good news! Electric bicycles comply with the work schedule applicable to new bicycles and electric bicycles.

Electric bicycles are healthy and fun and have an economical carbon footprint. They are a flexible and diverse transportation method. If you want to learn more about electric bicycles, maybe you can give it a try.

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