Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Yee Haw! Simply the cutest Cowboy baby shower theme ideas. Ideas for favors, games, cakes, decor, and so more. Find all the tips you’ll need to host a fabulous Little Cowboy Shower.

A western theme is a great theme for any little cowpoke. Have some down home fun and host the best shower this side of Texas with these rip roaring good time Cowboy Baby Shower Theme ideas.

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Invitation Ideas

Deciding on your baby shower invitations can sometimes be overwhelming, but here are a few simple and easy ways to invite your friends to the event…

  • Make your own invites.

Use brown card stock for your homemade cowboy baby shower invitations. Print off your info (or hand write) onto brown cardstock. Cut the invite to the desired size. I always use a paper cutter to ensure straight lines.

Cut a piece of burlap a little larger than the invite. Now cut another piece of brown cardstock a little big bigger. Place the invite onto the larger piece of cardstock and punch two holes in the top.

Then put the larger piece and the burlap together and make holes in the burlap using the end of your scissors.

Now layer the pieces together. The larger piece of brown card stock, then the burlap, and then the piece of cardstock with all of the info on it.

Tie a piece of twine or red ribbon at the top to secure all the pieces together. Then add a cowboy detail to the invite (a horse, hat, horseshoe, boot, ect). I’ve used a button cover that I found, but you could use stickers, draw your own detail, or print a free graphic off the web.

  • Purchase ready made Little Cowboy Western Baby Shower Invitations
  • Place your cowboy baby shower theme info on a tag and attach to a western item (hat, boot, badge, horseshoe, ect. Hand deliver the invites if you need to, to save money on the shipping.

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Supplies

You can use solid color plates and napkins for this theme and bring in the western feel in all of your other decor or use themed supplies. Whenever I am doing a shower, I like to bring in the theme anyway I can, so if there are plates and napkins in the theme that I am doing, I always purchase them. Sometimes you just can’t find supplies that you love and that’s ok. Red plates would look great for this theme.

A really cute idea for napkins is to use red bandanas. They are about $1 a piece and will add some really great color to your food table.

Add style and flair to your western-themed baby shower with these cute, little cowboy hats. The 2 1/2″ hats are cowpoke place card holders, and if you turn them upside-down, they’re neat favor holders!

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Decoration and Centerpiece Ideas

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Your color scheme for this shower is going to be red, white, brown, tan, and black. Bring in red bandanas and cow print too if you wish.

Start your Cowboy baby shower theme decorating off with a Little Cowboy – Personalized Baby Shower Garland Banner. You can place it outside or above the food table.

This is such a fun theme to do. You’ll want to bring in lots of burlap, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and other country elements. Mason jars are great for this theme as well.

Set hay bales around the party area. If the party is inside, you need to put down plastic first so you don’t have a huge mess to clean up after the shower. Hay is very messy. You can use the hay as decor only, or use it as your seating.

For seating, you’ll want to add blankets, material, or sheets over the hay as it’s pretty scratchy.

Use white tablecloths (ruffled ones would be adorable). For a cheap tablecloth idea, you can use sheets, blankets, quilts, bedspreads, or material. It doesn’t have to be perfect because this theme is all about the country and a little shabbiness will fit right in.

Then make runners from burlap or linen. I love burlap, but it can be messy and some people are allergic to it. Linen gives a similar look without all the fuzzies.

For your centerpieces, you can use these pre-made centerpieces…

Or create your own. Here are several Cowboy baby shower centerpiece ideas…

  • Cowboy hats with red bandanas.
  • Use cowboy boots as vases for flowers. Spray paint them white, red, or leave natural.
  • Use small saddles (can find at flea markets for around $50 or so). You can leave them as is, or spray paint them red or white.
  • Mason jars are a great centerpiece for this theme. Fill with your favorite flower or place red votive candles down in them.
  • Galvanized buckets filled with baby boy items.
  • Baskets filled with flowers or baby boy items.
  • Mini hay bales (you can buy them in the Fall).
  • Milk jars with flowers.
  • Small rocking horse.

Use any of these ideas or mix and match them for a fuller centerpiece on your tables.

Make the party area feel like a barn or use a real barn as your venue. Bring in red bandanas, gingham, and cow print. Hang lanterns everywhere for a cosy feeling.

You can make a baby bunting with scrapbook paper or fabric. Just cut triangles out of pretty paper or material and then attach to a long piece of twine with clothes pins (you can also hang baby overalls on the twine). Add letters on top of the triangles. You can buy pre cut letters or cut out your own. Spell out “Baby Shower” or “It’s a Boy” or anything else that you wish.

Purchase large metal stars and paint them red to match your theme. Or you can also make stars from cardboard and spray paint gold, white, red, black, or brown.

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Game Ideas

Bag of Baby Items

Prior to the shower, place baby boy items in a burlap or cotton bag. The players get to feel in the bag for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then everyone writes what they think is in the bag. The player with the most correct answers gets the prize.

Candy in a Milk Bottle

You’ll need a large milk bottle and red candies for this baby shower game. Fill the bottle with the red candies and let everyone guess how many candies are in the bottle. The player that guesses the closest to the amount wins.

Name The Baby Farm Animal

The players must write as many farm animals and their baby’s names as they can think of. Some examples would include, dogs-puppies, cats-kittens, cow-calf, horse-foal, ect.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games make the shower planning a breeze. You can get games like Baby Shower Bingo, Mad Libs, Word Scramble, Name That Baby, and many more. Makes life just a little bit easier! And don’t we all need that:) Print instantly.

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Food and Drinks Ideas

Place mini hay bales on the food table and put your food dishes on them. You can also add in other cowboy elements to your food table as well. For example, hats, boots, rope, ect.

Turn a cowboy hat upside down and place a bowl in it. Then place your food in the bowl (chips, veggies, snack mix, ect).

Some food ideas for the Cowboy Shower theme are…

  • Chicken salad sandwiches
  • Deviled eggs
  • Fried chicken
  • BBQ
  • Beans and cornbread
  • Stew and cornbread
  • Fried potatoes
  • Any kind of salad
  • Corn on the cob
  • Little Cowboy Baby Shower Cookies

And here are some drink ideas…

  • Chocolate or plain milk (serve in milk bottle with red striped paper straw).
  • Fresh lemonade (serve in mason jars)
  • Flavored ice tea (serve in mason jars)

Hot Cowpoke Punch

2/3 cup brown sugar 
2 short cinnamon sticks 
3/4 tsp. cloves 
1/2 tsp. salt 
1 (48 oz.) can unsweetened pineapple juice 
1 qt. cranberry juice 
2 1/4 cup water 
Place in coffee basket (don’t use electric coffee maker) the brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and salt. Place in coffeepot the pineapple juice, cranberry juice and water. Use a 20 cup or more coffee pot. Perk like you would coffee. Makes 20 cups.

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Cake Ideas

Purchase a Cowboy cake from your local bakery or make your own simple cowboy cake.

Bake a sheet cake in any flavor. While the cake is cooling, make a template of a boot out of paper or cardboard. Look in a book or online for inspiration.

When the cake is cool, lay the template down on your cake and cut the boot out. Then frost your cake white or brown and add any details you want.

You can also make cake pops or cupcakes. Here are a couple of things that will bring your cupcakes to life…

Cowboy Baby Shower Theme Favor Ideas

There are so many things you can do for favors for this theme. Add your own favor to Little Cowboy – Classic Personalized Baby Shower Favor Boxes for a simple and easy idea.

Here are some other super cute ideas…

  • Mason jars filled with red candy
  • Mason jars filled with cookie mix with a red bandana on top (cut in a circle and secure with twine)
  • Boot shaped cookies wrapped in cellophane and tied with a red ribbon
  • Hat shaped cookies wrapped in cellophane
  • Homemade strawberry jelly
  • Homemade bread wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine
  • Brown paper bags filled with goodies (fold over and punch two holes in the top, add a red ribbon and tie into a knot)
  • Cowboy boot candles
  • Cowboy hat candles
  • Cowboy boot soap
  • Cowboy hat soap
  • Treats wrapped in red bandanas