Cute Baby names that mean soft


Characteristics of Softer Sounding Baby boy Names

Two common characteristics of softer sounding baby boy names are vowel sounds and N sounds. Vowel sounds don’t necessarily mean the name ends in a vowel – rather a soft name ending like AH is common.

Popular boy names that end in a vowel sound include:

  • Isaiah
  • Jonah
  • Joshua
  • Josiah
  • Ezra
  • Asa
  • Noah

Popular boy names that end in the N sound include:

  • Adrian
  • Austin
  • Ethan
  • Julian
  • Justin
  • Tristan

Unisex Names are Being Revived by Parents of boys

When the unisex name revolution started parents chose male names for female children. The names could have been left on the female side of the name game, but parents of boys are pulling back harder than ever. Some of the most popular unisex names include:
  • Riley
  • Tyler
  • Avery
  • Jordan
  • Quinn
  • Peyton
  • Marley
  • Jesse
Some unisex names follow the general rules of softer sounding boy names; they end in soft, vowel sounds thus blurring the lines between girls and boys. Same Name Different Spellings One of the longest running trends in softer sounding boy names includes names that sound like girl names, but are spelled differently when given to boys. Popular spelling variations include:
  • Erin (G) and Aaron (B)
  • Nicki (G) and Nikki (B)
  • Gabrielle (G) and Gabriel (B)
  • Kelli (G) and Kelly (B)
History is packed with strong names for boys and soft names for girls. Boys were often named based on family members with sons carrying the name of their father, father’s father and so on. Today, parents are choosing boy names for many different reasons, including meaning, how the name sounds with the surname and personal preference. Softer sounding boy names are here to stay and the movement from gender-based names to unisex names is growing.

Naming Baby is So Important

Whether you’re new parents anticipating the arrival of your very first bundle of joy or you’re seasoned pros expecting baby number three, choosing a name for baby is an important decision that you’ll eventually have to make. Deciding on a name can be an emotional experience that probably won’t be easy, but whatever you choose, remember that the name will stay with and impact the rest of your precious baby’s life. Baby name books are a great starting place to get ideas flowing and allow you and your spouse to tap into your creative side. If you’re having a difficult time deciding, practice saying your favorite names out loud. Say the first, middle, and last name altogether, and try various combinations. Say the name softly, then say it in a louder tone. Can you imagine calling your child by this name for the rest of her life – whether saying it lovingly or after she has accidentally broke the crystal vase you thought would forever sit perfectly placed on the mantel? And, better, will she appreciate that this is the name you gave her and wear it proudly? Personally, I have a bias for unconventional, unique names as I am a girl named Neil. I was not always so pleased that my parents gave me a “boy name,” especially on the first day of sixth grade when I was placed in the boys’ gym class! Now, in my mid-twenties, I love my name! I proudly tell new people that I meet, “I’m Neil,” and I beam at their typically surprised yet complimentary reactions. I love the idea of parents choosing unwonted names that give their children an edge; however, it’s vital to consider the potential negative responses that an unusual name may induce. For this, I suggest taking your time in selecting your baby’s name, and love the name you choose! Keep your options open, run them by family and friends for input, but don’t make your final decision until you have that brand new baby in your arms. Call your newborn by the name you’re considering, and if it’s right, you’ll know.