Free Printable Baby Shower Favors

pretty printable baby shower favors
Here’s FREE printable baby shower favors that can be used for any baby shower theme because you pick the paper and the embellishments. That way you are in charge of the end product. I’ve shown a few to give you some ideas, but this is all about your creativity and what you can do.

There are two templates. One is plain with no fold lines. This is so you can open it up in a program on your computer and add any graphic to it to make it unique.

The other one has fold lines. This is for you to print off and use as a guide. Or, if you are just going to add your embellishments on the outside of the favor with stickers, stamps, or free hand drawing, then you can just use this template.These are not boring box favors, they are simply adorable favors that are really a piece of cake to put together.

There are several ways you can print this off. You can right click on the image and click Save Image As or Save Picture As. Be sure and notice where it’s saving it because you will have to find it again. I usually put stuff in my document file so I know where it is. Then you will just open it in any paint program. Add anything you want to the front of the favor. Make sure the template fits the page and print off. I use Paint Shop Pro and it works great.

If you are using Firefox as your browser, you can right click on the image and click View Image. This will take you to the full image. Now go up to the left hand corner of your computer and click on File. Then click Print Preview. On the Scale button, scale the image to fit the page. Now all you do is hit Print.

If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, you right click on the image and click Print Picture. It will ask you what printer and and how many copies. Then you just click Print.

You can make these free printable baby shower favors any size you please. The favor template should be around 6 inches wide. You really don’t want it to be much smaller than that.

Below you will find the exact instructions on how to put these free printable baby shower favors together. Have fun!

party favor template 1

I would suggest that you print these favors onto cardstock paper. Regular paper is just not strong enough for these free printable baby shower favors. You can purchase cardstock paper in a lot of stores in the craft section. There are some absolutely adorable baby prints to pick from. Once you have the favor printed out with some best quotes, cut out the favor all around the outside edge. Look at the template above with the dotted lines and follow that to know where to fold the favor.

It might take a few trys, but you’ll get the hang of where to fold it. So now you have it all folded, it’s time to start putting your favor together.

party favor template 2

Fold up the two small flaps and the side flap. Put glue on the bottoms of the two small flaps. Fold the favor together so that one of the large flaps cover the two small ones.

Now you need to put glue on the bottom and side flap. Make sure the side flap is put on the inside of the favor. Hold together for a bit while the glue dries a bit.

baby shower favor template 3

Punch out the holes with a hole punch. Pinch a crease in the middle of the sides. This allows the favor to come together more. Fill with your favorite candy.

baby shower favor template 4

Now you need to cut a piece of ribbon and run through the holes. Tie in a bow or a knot. In this picture I’ve shown the finished project. I used a wide ribbon for this one, but you can also use a skinny ribbon. This favor would be perfect for a Garden themed baby shower.

The sky is the limit. Embellish the favor anyway you like to match your baby shower.

Ideas For Free Printable Baby Shower Favors

pretty printable baby shower favors

Here are some of the favors that I have made with this fun printable baby shower favor template. I’ve used a variety of papers. On some of them I have used stickers. On the owl favor, I used a stamp. You can add dimensional blocks to make your front embellishment stand out a bit.

Any kind of ribbon can be used. It just depends on what look you are going for. Don’t feel like you have to cut the ruffled edges on the favor just the way it’s printed. Sometimes I just cut the the top of the favor in a semi-circle. You can also use decorative scissors so that you are not having to cut so much. The great part of this favor is you can do it anyway you wish to come up with your own twist.