The arrival of a new babe is one of the most beautiful and rewarding times in a woman’s life, but also one of the most tiring. With families being scattered across the world as they are now, sometimes the new mother may not have access to the practical, caring support she really needs at this time. By helping out in a few small ways, a good friend can make a world of difference to mum’s early days when settling in with a new baby.

If this is your friend’s first baby, she may at times feel overwhelmed. Let her know you are available for a chat in person or on the phone whenever she feels the need. Encourage and praise the new mum, as well as share in her joy of her new baby.

Offer to pick up anything she needs at the supermarket for a few weeks, as getting out and about with a new baby is a daunting task for a new mum.

Drop a weeks worth of cooked meals around for her to freeze. This allows the new mum to not worry about cooking dinner for a while, giving her more rest or bonding time.

If your friend has had a caesarean section, offer to do the laundry for her, saving her lifting heavy laundry baskets.

It becomes even more exhausting when there are other littlies at home to be looked after too. Older children have to go through an adjustment period when mum brings home a new baby, and can sometimes be very trying at this time .. ( boy have I lived this!) Mum has to tackle a new baby and also her regular work load with the family. This is especially hard when mum is trying to establish breast feeding with a new baby and she may feel she is nursing a baby 24 hours a day.

Perhaps you could offer to take any older children out on a few special outings or to play at your home. This leaves mum and baby to have a rest, while the older children will enjoy a change of scenery too. Maybe also offer to do any necessary schools runs for the new mum the first week she is home. Just knowing she does not have to be in a hurry to leave the house is a great stress buster for mum.

Slowly life will return to some semblance of normality for the new family, and you can be sure your support and help has been a most cherished gift indeed.