How Does Gyro Bowl Work?

gyro bowl
As a child develops, parents usually have a challenging time when it comes to feeding their child. At this stage, children normally develop new skills gradually, and most of them do not like it when their mothers feed them. They, therefore, feed themselves and hence cause a lot of mess on the floor. This is because most children play with their food and end up pouring more on the floor than they have eaten. This leaves parents with a massive task of cleaning up the mess. However, a gyro bowl enables toddlers to feed themselves without any food falling on the ground. This article will show precisely how a gyro bowl works.

Description of a gyro bowl

A gyro bowl is a kids bowl designed in 2010. It has a unique design in a way that it can turn 360 degrees without spilling food. It is made of plastic that is safe for the baby’s skin and health. Additionally, it has an approximate weight of 197 grams, and its dimensions are 19 by 17.5 by 7.5. It is typically designed with three layers, that is, plastic handle, plastic support, and a plastic bowl. A gyro bowl is very beneficial since it can hold either horizontally or vertically without spilling off food. Usually, it has a firm hand grip that enables babies to carry it around without dropping it.

How a gyro bowl works

It generally functions like a globe. It usually has a gimbal, rotator, spin axis, and a gyroscopic frame. With the help of a shock-absorption system, the bowl is generally suspended on the gimbal that is connected to a rotator. The rotator is annexed to the spin axis secured in the gyroscope frame. With such a structure, the bowl can adjust to any imbalance, thus prevent any food inside the bowl from spilling. Additionally, the inner bowl of a gyro bowl rotates typically 360 degrees and enables it to stay open without spilling food. This means, no matter how you swing, bounce, or fly, all your food remains inside the bowl. You may test it by filling up the bowl with food and allowing it to rotate 360 degrees. You will note that no food spills since the gyro bowl’s structure will enable it to keep upright at all times. After feeding, is advisable to put on the lid for the next feeding. It is a perfect bowl to hold cut fruits, bolts, and nuts.

Benefits of using a gyro bowl

It saves you the hassle of having to clean your house whenever your child feeds. This is because its inner bowl rotates 360 degrees hence prevents food from spilling on the floor. It is dishwasher safe, meaning that you can comfortably wash it in your dishwasher. Furthermore, the bowl is permanent; they usually have a firm hand grip. This assures you that it won’t break when your child holds it. It also acts as a great toy for kids since it allows them to have great fun as they eat.


From the in-depth discussion above, you now understand how a gyro bowl functions and its benefits. You can now consider incorporating it in your child’s feeding time.