How to buy best breast pump for working moms?


Every working mom strives consistently to balance between work and parenting. One of the main aspects which you need to look at is the feed of the baby. Irrespective of your work schedule or your work commitments, you cannot compromise on that. That is why you need to think about using a breast pump to ensure that you can feed your baby on time.

The question is, which is the best breast pump for working moms?

When you look at the options available, there are quite a few of them. It is not easy to choose between those options. We will today share with you a buying guide, which will allow you to make the right buying decision when it comes to a breast pump for working moms or just read the buying guide to make the right choice such as . Comparing the different breast pumps on these parameters will always help you choose the right option quite easily.

Without more delay, let us look at the parameters which you should keep in mind.

1. Portability:

For most working moms, it is not always possible to use the breast pump at home. That is why the number 1 criteria to consider is the portability of the breast pump. It should be compact and should come with a travel pouch. When it comes with a carrying case or a travel pouch, you can carry it with you wherever you go. It means that you can use it at a time of your convenience.

Portability is one of the essential factors on which you can compare such breast pumps.

2. Wearability:

As a working mom, you will not be using the breast pump only at home. Many times, you might use it at your workplace or in the restrooms. That is only possible when you have an easy to wear breast pump.

The wearability of the breast pump depends on three factors. These are:

• Weight of the breast pump:

You have to first look at the weight of the breast pump. It should be lightweight in design. The lightweight nature will also help you with the portability of the breast pump.

• Wearing fixtures:

You have to also look at the wearing mechanism of the breast pump. It should be comfortable to wear. Only when you can do so yourself without any additional help, you can go ahead and choose that breast pump.

• Concealment:

An important factor which you have to keep in mind is the concealment. It is a good idea to choose a breast pump which you can wear under a nursing bra comfortably. It will allow you to use the breast pump virtually anywhere.

These three factors determine the durability of the breast pump. Only when it excels in these three factors, it will become easy for you to go with that breast pump.

3. Noise levels:

Would you prefer a noisy breast pump?

Of course not! That is why; it is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. You have to look at the noise levels of the breast pump while comparing them. You have to select one that has the lowest noise level. Ideally, it should have noise elimination technology, which means that you can use it in the rest of your office or at your workplace. It is a factor that you cannot afford to ignore.

4. Suction Levels:

The suction power can vary from one breast pump to another. However, not every woman is comfortable with standard suction power. The preference varies from one model to another. The best way to solve this problem is to go with breast pumps that have multiple suction power levels. There are breast pumps that have 2 to 3 suction levels, whereas there are others that have 8 to 10 suction levels. It is always better to go with ones that have maximum suction levels. It allows you to customize the entire operation of the breast pump easily.

5. Battery life:

When it comes to the battery life of the breast pump, you have to look at the number of pumps that it can support on a single charge. Consequently, you have to look at the time which it takes to charge fully as well.

Another crucial factor that many moms ignore is standby time. The use of breast pumps is often spread across multiple days. If the standby capacity of the breast pump is not good enough, you will have to charge it again and again. Due to this very reason, it is essential to look at the standby time on offer as well and then choose the breast pump.

When you take into account both of these factors, it is easy to choose a breast pump with a long battery life.

6. Expression stages:

Did you know that breast pumps offer different expression stages?

The breast pump can consist of a single expression stage or dual expression stage or three expression stages. The different expression stages are:

• Generally speaking, one expression stage refers to massaging the breast to increase the milk flow.

• The next stage makes the milk flow at a slower rate but provides maximum output.

• The third expression stage resembles the bionic mode. It resembles a natural suck and swallow motion of the baby.

Not all the breast pumps come with all these three expression modes. You have to decide whether you need one which offers all of these choices or whether you’re okay with one which offers just a single or dual expression stage.

7. The number of pumps:

Did you know that a breast pump can come with one or two breast pumps?

The functionality, as well as the milk output, varies depending on the number of pumps. As a working mom, it is a good idea to always go with the breast pump that consists of 2 pumps. It ensures that you can collect the milk from both the breasts, which can significantly cut down on time needed to obtain the required quantity of milk.

8. Controls:

While choosing a breast pump, it is essential to look at the controls on offer. If they are confusing or have a learning curve, it is better to avoid that breast pump.

Ideally, while buying a breast pump, it is essential to choose one which comes with an instruction manual. The controls need to be simple. If the breast pump consists of touch controls or touchscreen to operate, that is a definite advantage.

So, when looking to buy the best breast pump for working moms, it is better to follow our guide above. When you consider these eight parameters, choosing the right breast pump is comfortable than ever. It does not matter whether you’re comparing hundreds of options of whether you’re just comparing ten options, with the help of our guide above, buying the right breast pump will be quite easy for you. You can choose a breast pump that matches your hectic lifestyle without compromising on the feed of your baby.