How to buy double jogging stroller for infant and toddler 2020?

double jogging stroller for infant and toddler

Do you love jogging?

Do not want to give it up because of your children?

If yes, it is time to think about buying a double jogging stroller for infant and toddlers. It will ensure that you can accommodate both of your kids and still stick to your passion for jogging. It can make the entire experience fun for you.

When you search for a double jogging stroller for infant and toddler, it is essential to go through the numerous options and choose the right one. Comparing every option available can be a difficult task. A much better idea is to know the parameters which you should consider while buying one. Once you are aware of them, it will become easy for you to choose one.

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Today, we will share with you the parameters which you should keep in mind while comparing a double jogging stroller for infants and toddlers.

1. Age and weight restriction:

When buying a double jogging stroller, you must check the age restriction. You have to go into the details to understand whether it is suitable for your children or not. Generally speaking, the infant side can accommodate children up to 12 months of age. The toddler side is ideal for children between 12 months to 36 months of age. You have to look at the weight limit of both sides and determine if it is suitable for your children or not.

When it comes to the weight limit, it is essential to err on the side of caution. Your children should weigh 20% less than the thresholds advised by the manufacturer. Once you keep this factor in mind, it will become easy for you to make that buying decision.

2. Storage space:

When you’re using the jogging stroller, especially for two children, there would be a lot of different supplies that you would need to carry with you. If you do not have storage space in the jogging stroller, you would have to carry it in your bag. That is not the ideal solution.

It is one of the main reasons why you need to check the storage space on offer as well when you’re buying a double jogging stroller. It can have storage bins or storage pouches or any other type of storage option. However, storage is a necessity, and therefore you should not choose a jogging stroller without proper storage space. It is a factor that is often overlooked by many parents.

3. Weight:

While comparing different double jogging strollers, it is crucial to take into account the weight of the stroller in itself. You have to remember that you will push the stroller around as well. Due to this very reason, it should be lightweight. You should not compromise on the frame or the quality of the materials, but if it is lightweight in design, it will become easy for you to move it around.

4. Materials in use:

When we are speaking about the materials, there are two types of materials that you need to check. We will go into both of these below.

• Frame:

The frame usually consists of metal or fiberglass. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. However, if you go with something like aluminum, your stroller will be sturdy, and at the same time, it will be lightweight as well. It is essential to look at the material of the frame, strength, and durability before taking a call.

• Fabric in use:

The fabric refers to the seat fabric as well as the fabric of the canopy. Both of these should be very gentle. Only when they are skin-friendly, you can think about buying the double jogging stroller for your kids.

These are the two factors to always keep in mind when it comes to the materials of the jogging stroller.

5. Harness type:

Of course, when buying a stroller, you would need one which has proper safety precautions. Since you are going to use it while jogging, you need to find one which can secure your kids. Most jogging strollers have a harness for the same purpose. However, the hardness can be a 3-point harness or a 5-point harness. The points refer to the contacts at which those are attached to the jogging stroller.

A 5 point harness is a much better option since it is more secure. It would be best if you don’t underestimate this factor when you’re choosing the jogging stroller for your kids.

6. Wheels:

Since; we are speaking about a jogging stroller so, you can be sure that the wheels will be under a lot of pressure during constant use. The wheels should be such that they can handle uneven terrain as well. Only when they can do so, you can use it while jogging without worrying about jogger getting stuck on rough terrain. It is one of the prime reasons why you should not just look at the size of the wheels but also the type of wheels while choosing such a stroller. It will help you decide whether it is useful for jogging or not.

7. Portability:

You will, of course, not be using the double jogging stroller always. It is especially useful for uneven terrain and when you’re jogging. If you have to keep the jogging stroller at your home when not in use, it will occupy a lot of space. That is why it is essential to \find out whether the double jogging stroller which you are buying is foldable or not. If it is foldable, you have to ensure that it occupies minimal space in your home. Only when that is the case, you can store it without worrying about its spatial footprint.

Another advantage of the foldable design is that if you’re heading out anywhere, you can take the double jogging stroller with you. It will ensure that you do not deviate from your habit of jogging wherever you go.

8. Canopy:

You would need to protect your kids from the sunlight when you’re out jogging. For this purpose, most of the double jogging strollers come along with the canopy. While buying one, it is essential to check the adjustability and the fabrics which the canopy uses. The canopy should be adjustable at multiple levels and should provide adequate protection for both of your kids. Only when that is the case, it becomes easy for you to choose the double jogging stroller.

So, if you’re confused between the double jogging stroller for infant and toddlers, these are the eight factors which will help you pick the right one. Our guide will help you choose the right option among hundreds of strollers available. Rather than looking at the technical jargon or the specifications, you need to follow our guide. It is now time to continue with your habit of jogging along with your kids.