How To Tell Fake Yeezy Boost 700s?

fake adidas-yeezy-boost-700

Although it has been six years since Kanye West and Adidas formally signed a sports shoe agreement, the buzz around his Yeezy footwear collection and “three stripes” is still at the highest level in history.

Even if a wealth of styles have been released, fans can usually expect these new shoes to sell out and flip over at their original retail price. Yeezy Boost 700 is one of the most popular models, so it is not surprising that this model is one of the most counterfeit models on the market.

To help fans ensure that they get an authentic match, here is a detailed guide showing some key differences between the retail pair and the copy version (provided by fake education).

Horizontal grid plate

Fake education: “As you can see in this picture, the mesh on the Fake Yeezy Boost 700s pair is elongated, making the holes smaller and flatter.”


False education: “The lack of craftsmanship in areas that connect layers of different materials together. You can see how sloppy it is compared to the real pair.”

Heel counter

Fake education: “The cut on the real pair is clean and neat. On the fake pair, the cut looks as if it is filled with some kind of glue.”


Forgery education: “On real number pairs, the letter d reaches the first stripe. On fakes, the letter d is slightly lower. You can also see the difference in font thickness.”

Adidas logo

Fake education: “On the fake double, the top of Adidas’ second’ is aligned with the logo. On the true double, it stops below where the logo starts.”


Fake education: “You can clearly see the magnetic ink line on the fake pair.”


Fake education: “Fake pairs of midsoles glow randomly under our black light.”


Fake education: “On a real pair, it glows under our black light. The enhancement of fakes has no effect.”

Yeezy Tag

Counterfeit education: “On the true pair, the “YEEZY” label glows, but the text itself does not glow. On the fake pair, the actual text glows, and the remaining labels do not glow.

How to spot the fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Wave Runner”

The only guide you need

Kanye West’s iconic daddy sneaker Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost is very popular in the sneaker world. The short silhouette of Yeezy 700 is decorated with high-quality materials and side-by-side colors. When the fashion show fell back in 2017, it became a sweet spot in the fashion and sports shoe world.

Fast forward two years, Yeezy 700s has released a lot of color schemes and even got upgraded design in the form of Yeezy 700 V2. Because there are so many shoes on the market, OG is still the favorite of global sports shoes.

However, it is difficult to tell the difference between true and false Yeezy 700. Since the shoe was first released, replicators have been copying the design, which means many people cannot find the fake Yeezy 700s. In this comprehensive guide, KLEKT will teach you what you are looking for and how to identify fake Yeezy 700 Wave Runner in the same way as our authenticator. let’s start!


In the two Kanye West x Adidas Yeezy 700 Boost “Wave Runners” blows, which one do you think is true and which one is fake?

If you are talking about the shoes on the right, congratulations, this is a fake! We admit that this is definitely one of the better fakes we encountered, but there are still some things to show you. Take a look below to see what you think.

Upper layer

As fake Yeezys continue to be developed and redeveloped by manufacturers, there are still some giveaways we will discuss with you.


The manufacturer of the Yeezy replica has been working hard to perfect the overall shape of Yeezy 700. As you can see from the picture above, the true pair has a smooth surface with a pronounced inclination from the tongue to the toes. On the replica, this shape is almost non-existent, with only a straight line from the top of the tongue to the toe box. The shape of the heel is also pressed in, and on the real Yeezy 700, the arch of the heel is clearer.


When we are close to the grid, there are some obvious differences between the fake Yeezy and the real Yeezys. As can be seen from the fake Yeezy picture, the mesh spacing is larger and tends to be lighter blue-green, while in the actual Yeezy 700s, the dark green is darker. The spacing between the holes on the grid is also another sign, the real one has a better grid structure than the fake pair.


When finding fakes and real Yeezy 700s, this is easily one of the biggest gifts. Yeezy 700 Wave Runner uses suede on the toe box. From the appearance only, it is very distinctive. The surface of the suede material is slightly rough. The surface of the fake is usually much smoother, or leather is used so that it can be more easily found.


When you learn more about Yeezy 700 Wave Runner, leather is another big gift. When it comes to the leather used, the true and false Yeezys will be very different. The fake Yeezy 700s will use a simple material that has no creases and looks very flat. Compared with the real Yeezys, the shoelace holes are also much smaller.

UV test

The key indicator of this pair of fakes is highlighted by UV.

When placed under ultraviolet light, the real insole turns purple. In contrast, the false pair lights up blue. The pair in the hand is really strong, but spongy, while the false pair is weak and has almost no shape. In addition, the real shoe pair has 4 turf cuts on the inside of the insole (feet), but the sole of the fake shoe pair is cut into 5 turfs.


When you know what you are looking for, it is easy to find imitation Yeezy. Speaking of heels, this is one of the biggest gifts for two reasons. This is one of the simplest giveaways on the fake double Yeezy 700 and one of the biggest problems that manufacturers seem to face. The heel cut on the real heel is slightly inclined, while the fakes tend to be arched.

As we have already discussed, Yeezy 700 Wave Runner has high-quality mesh and suede, while fakes are not. The suede has no texture and the mesh quality is poor. When viewing shoes from a bird’s eye view, this mesh material should also not be visible. The forgery connects the mesh to the inside, which is one of the biggest gifts that need attention.

The perforation at the heel of the rear wheel is clear and crisp. However, the false pair of perforations is not spherical or undefined, and suede hair curls at the edges. This may be caused by fake factories that use inferior tools.

There are 4 small rubber blocks on the real pair of heels. However, there are no false pairs. We know this is small, but sometimes it can be attributed to such secondary details, thus highlighting the quality of true alignment, rather than


A key area that can be seen on all Yeezy is Boost. 700 has a complete Boost sole, but due to the rubber outer layer, you can’t see much. There is not much to define these two shoes, this is a big indicator.

In the real pair, Boost is smoother near the edge of the “pellet”, while the definition of “stamp” is less. In contrast, the particle pattern of the fake Boost is truly defined, clearly showing the shape and “signature” of each individual particle.

In the hand, press the reinforcement of the real pair, it is firm and soft, and sponge-like, but on this false pair, the reinforcement is very firm.


This may be a small detail, but it is very different in the legal inspection of genuine Yeezy 700s.

Adidas logo

Manufacturers take great pride when printing labels on products. The Adida’s three-stripe logo will be printed with a slight gloss, which indicates that the insole will not penetrate any material. Fake goods tend to make the surface shiny or matte, with no real gloss in the middle.

Size label

Another big gift is the size label. A uniform font will be used throughout the Adidas size label, and it will also have a QR code at the bottom and the Adidas logo below. adidas’ size label will also include the date of manufacture and country of origin. The country of production depends on the date of the shoes, so please do not panic. Yeezy 700 size inspection is also important.


This is one of the biggest gifts of fake Yeezy 700 Boost. Many counterfeit manufacturers will always make many key differences, and we will point out what they are now.

That project

In the picture above, it is easy to see what we mean when talking about architecture. Compared with fake boxes, the true box edges are perfect, and after careful treatment, the quality is significantly higher. Yeezys replicas tend to be produced in factories that don’t care about the appearance of the box, just for storing shoes.

Adidas has a quality control team, if the product looks flawed, it will not let any products leave the warehouse. This is one of the biggest giveaways to discover fake Yeezys, not just 700s.

Size label

Okay, although the image above is not for Yeezy 700, it does have all the exact signals you should look for when comparing real and fake Yeezy. Yeezy’s last “Y” should be aligned with the size box, not before or after. Check if the V2 text ends before the second box, the fake text is overshooting and easy to identify. There should also be a gap between the barcode and the text, and fakes will be encountered. When viewing the true and false comparison of Yeezy boxes, make sure you check the text.


Another thing to note is the size of the box. Now, the size of the Yeezy box will vary according to the size of the shoes you wear, but in most cases, the box with the actual Yeezy inside will be larger than the fake. If the size you are wearing is EU42 and looks like a box for EU40, then they may not be true Yeezy 700. Knowing the true and false Yeezy box is easier than the fake Yeezy box.


Upper-material, mesh, and stitch are all important here. The shape of the sneakers is also a great gift. The fakes have no shape at all! Adidas takes pride in the quality of each pair of sneakers, while fake Yeezy does not.
Heel-Check the cut and the material used again. The real Yeezys are slightly inclined, while the fakes are arched. Also, check the mesh and the back of the shoe. If you can see the mesh, it will not work.

Inner layer-size label and Adidas on the insole. These are the most important things to pay attention to. The production date and the place of origin are different, but the quality of font printing has not changed.
Box-Check structure, size, quality, and size label. If any of them seem unreasonable, then sneakers may be illegal.
Final thoughts

When Kanye West x Adidas join forces to create shoes, good things usually happen. adidas x Kanye West Yeezy 700 Boost V1’Wave Runner’ is arguably one of the best silhouettes on both sides. After stepping on Yeezy 700 Wave Runner, it is hard to think of another pair of Adidas Yeezy. We hope you enjoy this guide and learn how to check if Yeezys is true.

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