Keeping little ones busy while you work

Keeping little ones busy while you work

Working from home is a juggling act, and even more so when you have preschoolers at home. There reaches a point where preschoolers will drop their day sleep and want more of your attention.

This juggling act can often cause parents much guilt and also many questions. If you don’t want to put your child in day care for part of the week, or are unable to, here are some ideas to help you get your work done.

•  Set up an office for your child. It could be as simple as a small table where they can play, or you could set it up with a computer (either real or a toy) and stationary. Many children love copying what their parents are doing. Set them up with some “work” while you work.

•  Hire a nanny. This has the benefit of someone looking after your child in your home. Some nanny’s may also be able to do some light housework.

•  Hire a Student. A student at a local high school or university may be happy to come and play with your child after classes or during the school holiday. You will still be around if any problems arise and you can still take a break & enjoy your child. This option is a lot cheaper than hiring a nanny.

•  Child Swap. Find a local family with children around the same age as your child, and who are in a similar situation. You would look after their child for, say, one morning a week, and they would look after your child for one morning a week. This can work out quite well, giving your child a playmate and giving you a break.