NY Frost Factory

NY Frost Factory is Permanently closed.

A new Taiwanese dessert shop has just opened in New York City near New York University. I persuaded my friend to check with me on a whim last night. The owner, James Wong, was very kind and gave me a taste of a unique new flavor that will soon appear, called honeydew.

Other Asian frozen desserts have also appeared in New York City, including Thai roll ice cream. What makes this dessert unique is the way it is made. It starts with a cylindrical flavor with ice cubes. It is shaved into folded piles and covered with toppings of your choice. You can choose between signing or customizing. I went with Taiwan Taro, but used Captain Crunch instead of strawberries and condensed milk instead of mango sauce.

Both flavors are refreshing, let’s compare them with the coconut ash ice cream that we tried at Morgenstern last year. This is the best dessert of the year, because if you eat less toppings and seasonings and choose fruit instead, it will lack the calories in most frozen desserts. It is very light and has no sense of internal gui. Spring and Sumner are coming, and I expect long lines and full seats. I have a hope that acquiring new unique flavors will become the norm.

This place is a compulsory place for dessert lovers, health-conscious yoga moms and college students to fill up essays. They need something to get rid of academic pressure.

Located on MacDougal Street. Go check it and say Eunice says hello, maybe that will give you a discount? However, I cannot guarantee.