Why Do Newborn Babies Spit Up Milk?

The first few weeks post birth are like getting your dream jump, only to realize it’s to be a janitor – with the added fear of constantly thinking you’re doing something wrong.Whether you’re a new mom or a pro who knows babies spit more often than they smile, you’re bound to get worried when you think you’re washing more milk stained burpees than usual. To allay your concerns, we’ve rounded up some of the biggest reasons infants spit up their milk – in ascending order of seriousness.


The arrival of a new babe is one of the most beautiful and rewarding times in a woman’s life, but also one of the most tiring. With families being scattered across the world as they are now, sometimes the new mother may not have access to the practical, caring support she really needs at this time. By helping out in a few small ways, a good friend can make a world of difference to mum’s early days when settling in with a new baby.