I have been sewing clothing for my children for the fifteen years. Yet, I can count on one hand the number of commercial paper patterns I have purchased. What’s my secret? Am I master pattern drafter? Not quite. For fifteen years I have been buying sewing pattern magazines. These magazines provide you with anything up to 60 patterns per issue- from newborn size to plus size ladies. Equipped with my collection of sewing pattern magazines and a current children’s fashion magazine, I can be sure that I will have a pattern for any child’s garment I care to create.

Siblings attending Homebirths

I am often asked whether or not young children should attend the home births of their siblings, and if so, what kind of preparation should be done to support them? While I think preparation can be good if you feel your child is of an age and comprehension stage to benefit from it, it really highlights how far we have removed birth from our everyday lives. I’m not suggesting we refrain from preparing but I think we owe ourselves, and our children, some time to think about why we feel it’s necessary. To me, it underscores how birth is no longer just a part of the lifecycle for most of us.

Baby Bottle Safety Tips

With so much to do and so much to learn, many new parents find that taking care of their new baby can seem overwhelming. Here are a few safety tips to help guide you through the “do’s and don’ts” of bottle feeding your baby.

Sovereign Valley

Productive, profitable, resilient farmland in central Chile for like-minded investors and residents. Vision Come home to a place that… • Has its own steady,