Question: Does Your Skin Improve When Pregnant

Pregnancy causes most women to have improved circulation, which can give you clearer skin. Increased blood flow means more blood in your blood vessels, which makes many women appear flushed.

Quick Answer: What Can I Eat To Help Lactate

Which foods can help with lactation? Oatmeal. Brewer's yeast. Fenugreek seeds. Garlic. Fennel seeds. Protein-rich. Leafy greens. Alfalfa. What foods help produce breast milk? 5 Foods That Might Help Boost

How Can I Stop My Pregnancy Line

The best way to prevent or minimize the appearance of the linea nigra is to avoid exposing your skin to the sun. So wear clothing over as much of your

Are Smoothies Good While Breastfeeding

Can I drink smoothies while breastfeeding? Producing enough breastmilk can be a challenge (right?), and many nursing moms swear by nutrient-packed lactation smoothies to generate more of that liquid gold.