Sovereign Valley

Productive, profitable, resilient farmland in central Chile for like-minded investors and residents.


Come home to a place that…

• Has its own steady, robust source of organic food.

• Has multiple sources of water.

• Has several renewable energy options to generate eletricity – hydro, solar, wind, geothermal.

• Is secure… located within a stable society, with healthy economic fundamentals.

• Is independent and isolated… but not remote.

• Is absolutely gorgeous, with excellent weather… where you actually want to spend time.

• Allows freedom to rule… where people can be left alone to act like grown adults.

The Farm

The centerpiece for the community is an active, professionally managed farm, producing crops both commercially for wholesale, and also growing a great variety of food to feed the residents.


The farm is located approximately 2.5 hours South of Santiago, and roughly 20 kilometers from the town of Talca.

Talca is a large city with approximately 200,000 people and is full of amenities – four universities, medical facilities, restaurants, discos, theaters, cinemas, malls, big grocery stores, gyms, a country club, etc.


Home sites are designed within an average size of two acres. The lots are generously spread throughout the 1,100 acre property, allowing them to integrate with the farm and natural features of the land.