[Ultimate Guide] 10 Tips to Select Electric bikes for Kids 2021

electric bikes for kids

Electric bikes are convenient and most importantly, a reasonable stride to ensure sustainability. Electric bikes are motor-assisted motors that facilitate users in commuting. E-bike use is an absolutely clean and efficient mode of commutation.

Adults are usually more responsible to be painstaking yet electric bikes for kids are efficiently, sturdily, and desirably built. There are so many dedicated models are designed by known brands.

kids electric bikes
kids electric bikes

But there are certain points that need to be pondered to come up with informed consent. We have worked out a guide to serve your selection daunt for the best suitable pick. Here are few tips to arrive at the right decision.

 Our Top 10 Tips to Select the Best electric bikes for kids in 2021

01. Size

The right size is a craving set for kids to render a feasible and comfortable ride for them. If the size of the bike is good, the kid is going to love that electric bike. If the size isn’t suitable, then avoidance is going to stand. That is why size does make a difference in choosing bikes.

Sometimes people make erring choice to buy a bike by only considering the age of a kid. This is not going to feature the expectancy of choice. Every child grows differently and selecting just by age, could be of withering taste.

Wheel sizeAgeHeightInseam
12”2-32’10”-3’4”14-17” 35-42 cm
14”3-43’1”-3’7”16-20” 40-50 cm
16”4-53’7”-4’0”18-22” 45-55 cm
18”5-63’9”-4’3”20-24” 50-60 cm
20”5-84’0”-4’5”22-25” 55-63 cm
24”7-114’5”-4’9”24-28” 60-72 cm
Bike Size Chart For Kids

The size of kids can vary by age. When you are going to buy a bike for kids, move by featuring comfortability level and efficacy to preserve the longevity of interest by size. The inseam of the kid could also be supported to determine the frame size of the bike. The correct frame is helpful to enable kids to reach the floor at ease.

02. Weight of Bike

The size of the bike should necessarily be pondered regardless of the kid’s age. There are wrong notions about bike weighs like the bike would be greatly durable if the weight of the bike is higher. This is outright misconstrued.

On average, bicycles for children aged 5 to 7 weigh 24 pounds. In fact, this is heavier than many adult road bikes, usually weighing around 18-26 pounds. For further comparison, consider a standard suspension mountain bike, which weighs around 33 pounds.

Higher weight will hinder the handling of bikes for kids. The kid will not be able to control it in many aspects. This will subtract the level of enthusiasm to enjoy the ride. The first place purpose of adoring kid’s fun would be gone.

We are not sure about the weight of the bike which can adore performance. Preference of bike with 40% less weight to kid’s weight must be there. This could be simplified to fall for bikes with lightweight in the selected category.

Selecting a bike with lower weight is to avoid any inconvenience for the kid during the ride. This will suit up the primal purpose of buying bikes for fun unlimited. So, if you are looking to buy a bike for a kid, then go for a lighter one to experience its agile performance.

03. Color

Diversity in colors is always enticing to decide whatever you are looking to buy as an adroitness. Gratefully, maximum kids’ electric bikes come in a huge variety of bright colors. Reflective stickers and paints render bikes more intriguing. Variety of colors ease buyer to fall for desirable color.

color for kids bikes

04. How far Kid has to go

How far your kid is going to ride should necessarily be pondered. Traveling distance will tend to make a careful choice. This selection could also be made on the basis of their travel to school and back. So, selection should be made criterion to distance.

05. Picking out a Brand

Brands get to rise to fame after ensuring their excellence of years of services. Whatever you are looking to buy in a highly diversified market, you are going to get confused after seeing hundreds of products where sometimes prices and other times features are going to be enticing for you.

When you are up to buy an electric bike for your dearest kid, you are also going to get confused because there is a number of brands in the market that will offer their intriguing specs to adore your choice.

Some brands are greatly known for their repute good quality to offer control and support, others would be varying in these services. Google the brand of the bike you are looking at.

If the brand is greatly intriguing and getting good reviews, then quality is assured. If it is a local brand, then consider your own resources who could help you or the people in your acquaintance whose kids are using e-bikes of that brand.

Moreover, be ensured of the brand after pondering on the internet because sometimes people are creating models locally and branding them as international or of the national best quality.

Fully operational bike workshops should also be preferred due to their stand of compliance with brands instead of pop-up stores which are probably not bound by any commitment.

There is one list from amazon:

  • Razor
  • Segway
  • Swagtron
  • Jetson Electric Bike
  • Viro Rides
  • Best Choice Products
  • Huffy
  • Costzon
  • New-Ray
  • STACYC Youth

06. Motor Torque

If a kid is to ride in a sloppy or hilly place, then motor torque is of huge significance to ponder. Torque is measured in newton meters (N m).

Maximum electric bikes vary in their torque motor size from 40 Nm to 80 Nm. The actual used torque value may vary based on the settings made in the pedal-assist of bike settings.

07. Battery

Battery charging time for electric bikes varies from three to five hours to get fully charged. Battery charging also depends on the size of the battery as well. Large capacity batteries take more time to fully charge. The charger is provided with the bike for charging. The extra charger can also be purchased to use if plan to commute.

Some electric bikes also offer the facility to use two batteries at a time. This facility will increase the ride longevity and if one battery is empty, then the other can be used as a backup. An extra battery will accommodate users to have a fully charged ready at service.

ebike battery

The mounting setup of batteries is great to facilitate users for bottle cages. A small bike bag can also be placed. However, external batteries are easier to charge. They can also be replaced.

Battery life is a huge facility in electric bikes to longer the fun period in real transmutation. The battery is probably the same in many adults’ and kids’ electric bikes. For safety, top speed is a general difference. Maximum speed is set at 15 mph for kids. Wishfully, this speed limit should be increased by parents as the kid rise by age. But mostly speed limit is locked.

The battery is the most expensive component of an electric battery. For extra batteries, ponder Samsung, Panasonic, and LG for their quality production.

08. Test Drive

Test riding is the most important and fun part of buying an electric bike. Test ride allows to leave specs, reviews, etc., and answer in the most effective way to decide user practically that what could be great for him/her. If the bike meets the desirability of the kid, then the decision garner efficacy. If not OK, then they can proceed to the next product. Test drive ensures size, functionality, quality, and other factors at once.

09. Have High Expectations

The invention of electric bikes is a revolutionary stride to render travel environment friendly in the mode of transportation. The abundance of quality electric bikes is here. They are more reliable, useful, and garnering kids’ fun unlimited. Not all bikes are of extraordinary quality. There are bikes which are even far from great quality. Customer is the key to demonstrate quality, efficacy, demand, and high expectations. So, whenever you are going to buy a bike, go for the best of your expectations accordingly.

10. Other Key E-bike Features and Components

Electric bikes drive around by kids are not mere machines or toys with motor and battery. There is a number of other features which need to be pondered as well.


The performance level of bikes ensures a lot about their efficiency level. Pedal-assist activation would be great if the performance orientation of the bike is good. The pedal works smoothly and the responsiveness gets much better.


To choose the best electric bike for your kid, go for a test drive of several bikes and decide what their response to speed is at an intensity level.

Pedal Assist Levels

Assist numbers vary from bike to bike. Most electric bikes come with 3 to 4 assist levels. These assist levels serve to preserve battery usage. Battery usage could be preserved to the ultimate level through eco-friendly mode.

Pedal Assist Levels

Turbo or boost mode also drops the level of battery use. Battery performance is highly important and the assist levels in pedals can do an efficient job to preserve battery usage to serve kids’ long rides.


Lighting is a gorgeous addition to bikes to serve safety. Powerful lights can do more to help to commute on road in front of houses or at any other safer place. The power of electric bikes varies from lower to higher end. Bikes with high ends tend to have higher power intensity lights.

bike lighting


Racks could also be pondered during choosing a more suitable electric bike. Sometimes kids do insist to load weighty toys behind their bikes and this could be damaging for bikes but could be avoided if the racks of the bike are quite sturdy.

Racks support the weight level. A variety of racks are available in the market depending on the model of electric bikes. To check the accommodative situation of bikes, check either bike is feasible to accommodate the rack or not.

LCD displays

Virtually produced approaches do a great help in the facilitation of safe and comfortable rides. A lot is going in the market concerning e-bikes.

ebike led displays

So, go for a handlebar-mounted LCD display to remain mindful of battery level, miles rode, speed, and much.

Smartphone Integration

Smartphone integration could be great to keep a check on your kids’ movement. Top-end electric bikes can connect with smartphones wirelessly like trackers.

Apps are available to offer a multiplicity of features such as GPS, service records, and other additional features. Apps can even support unlocking bikes.

Built-in security

Wheels are probably equipped with security features in bikes. Many bikes come with locks on the rear wheel to the frame. Some also come with built-in security on the battery. A separate bike lock can be purchased and a key will be there to unlock it.

Component Quality

Tiered components quality is probably the same even when bikes are available at different prices. Less expensive bikes might be having lesser qualities inefficiencies. The least expensive bikes mostly lack smartphone integration and value-priced components will still be there.

If you go for a regular bike, tires, brakes, shifters, etc. will probably be more durable to perform and responsive to maximum conditions.


The variety of full-range frames vary. Most frames are made of aluminum but carbon fiber to steel is also readily becoming available. The frame is one of the biggest contributors to the weight of bikes. They are generally heavier than the regular bike frames because motor assist overcome lethargy. Lighter bikes will still feel agile in their performance. So, if you are in dilemma to decide what would be greatly feasible, then go for a lighter bike.

ebike frames


There are few kinds of breaks hydraulic, mechanical, or V brakes. Hydraulic brakes are expensive and others are cheaper. Hydraulic breaks may be expensive but less maintenance is needed. Mechanical or V brakes require more maintenance.

electric bikes brakes


There are multiple accessories such as lights, clothing, visibility, etc. The helmet is an extra and legal requirement.


Servicing electric bikes is handy and doable. If you can’t help your kid in servicing then annually you may have to pay an extra $100 to $150 for brakes, chains, gears, and hubs, etc. to last a bit longer. However, if your purchase is cheaper, then you will be needed more money to spend on spare parts.


Electric bike purchase is an expensive and big investment. Buyer can get satisfied and assured that warranty is offered with the product. Most brands offer 1 to 2 years of warranty. This is entirely reasonable to expect that much warranty from an expensive buy.

Final Word

You can infer from our guide that the use of revolutionary electric bikes is not limited to adults or any particular age group. Electric equally loved and used by kids as well. Diversity of models for kids are also available in the market.

The dominating rise in the sale of electric bikes for kids shows the testament of great usefulness. Kids of any age group can buy bikes for their feasible purpose. But it is rightly said to be remembered that, “Science is a good servant but a bad master too” kid’s bike must be chosen after wholly pondering to avoid any mishap.

To facilitate your search for making a best-informed decision, we have searched well to serve you with guiding features. Hopefully, it all be worthy for developing a worthy decision.

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