Congratulations!” “Wishing blessings of health and joy to you and your new baby. Congratulations!” “Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness for you and your growing family.

What do you say to congratulate someone on a new baby?

“Congratulations! “That’s going to be one lucky baby.” “Congratulations! “May your baby be blessed with good health, love and laughter. “Now is the time to enjoy your baby’s little feet and baby smell. “Congratulations to proud new parents!” “We are really excited that your baby has arrived safe and sound!”.

Do you say congratulations when someone has a baby?

Pregnancy comes with many varying emotions, and they’re not always pleasant feelings. Just like you shouldn’t comment on someone’s pregnancy or body unless invited to, you also shouldn’t congratulate unless you know the person is happy.

How do you write a congratulations message?

More Formal “Congratulations on your well-deserved success.” “Heartfelt congratulations to you.” “Warmest congratulations on your achievement.” “Congratulations and best wishes for your next adventure!” “So pleased to see you accomplishing great things.”.

How do you congratulate someone?

Formal Exclamations to Congratulate Someone in English You deserve this success. Congratulations on your hard work. My sincere/heartfelt/warmest congratulations to you. I commend you on your accomplishments/success.

How do you congratulate expecting parents?

Congratulatory Baby Shower Card Wishes Congratulations and all the best to your growing family. What a lucky baby to have you as a mom! Wishing you an easy delivery and a lifetime of happiness! Welcome to the world, baby! Here’s to new adventures! Thanks for inviting us to share in your baby shower celebrations.

How do you write a short message?

How to Write Short and Snappy Text Messages Start with important information. Start your message with the offer first, so you can immediately interest the client. Use abbreviations. If your target audience is quite young, don’t be afraid to talk to them using special abbreviations. Use links. Leave contacts.

What is a congratulatory message?

A congratulatory message expresses congratulations. He sent Kim a congratulatory letter.

How do you congratulate someone for years of service?

“Your many years of service are a true testimony of your dedication to the organization, and you are truly valued for your contributions.” “You are a valuable member of our diverse and successful team. Wishing you the best for continued success!” “Congratulations on your work anniversary!Sep 22, 2020.

How do you congratulate someone for good work?

For a job well done Perfect! Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful, this is more than I expected. This is so great I don’t need to make any revisions to it at all. I appreciate your critical thinking around this project. Well done—and ahead of deadline too! You are such a team player.

What to say when someone Congrats you?

Here are five ways on how to respond to congratulations: 01Thank you for reaching out to me! 02I appreciate you taking the time to write me a congratulatory email for my recent promotion. 03I am so blessed to have such kind and thoughtful coworkers. 04Thank you for thinking of me during this time.

What are the best wishes?

Best Wishes Message Ideas Way to grab the bull by the horns! You made every day in this place so much brighter. Your next boss doesn’t know how lucky they are. Wishing you all the best! We are all going to miss you, and we wish you well on your next endeavor. I am so glad you are getting out of this place!.

How do you say congratulations to new grandparents?

Congratulations Grandparents Messages for First Time Grandparents Warmest wishes on your new grandbaby! Welcome to the greatest adventure in life. Having grandkids means you get all the fun and none of the stress. So you finally got into the coolest club around? Congrats on your first grandbaby!.

How do you write a short message to a friend?

Express Gratitude I’m grateful for you because… I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. I’m glad we’re friends for so many reasons. Ways you’re a blessing to me: I appreciate so many things about you—especially… I cherish you, and I cherish our friendship. It means so much to know you’re on my side.

How do you write a professional message?

10 Tips for Writing Professional Emails Start with a meaningful subject line. Address them appropriately. Keep the email concise and to the point. Make it easy to read. Do not use slang. Be kind and thankful. Be charismatic. Bring up points in your previous conversation.

How do I write a short note to a friend?

They can make someone’s day unforgettable. Begin the letter with a salutation. Before writing, think of what kind of relationship you have with the person you’re writing to. Explain yourself. Start with a question. Share news. Make it interesting. Ask more questions. Compose the last paragraph. Choose a proper closing.

How do you congratulate someone as a professor?

#1 Congratulations on your new position. I know you’ve worked hard to reach this point, and I’m so happy that you’ve been recognized for your accomplishment with this new assignment. It is well-deserved. #2 What a wonderful blessing to have this new job, congratulations.

What is a celebratory message?

Congratulatory messages are cards sent by The Queen to mark special birthdays or wedding anniversaries. They come in a distinctive envelope, are sent by special delivery through the Royal Mail and arrive, when possible, on the day of the anniversary.

How do you recognize employees for years of service?

A service award recognizes that an employee has served an appreciated period of time in your organization. The service award allows the employer to thank the employee for his or her service. Consequently, you see employers recognizing a year of service with an award.

How do you say thank you for long service?

Sample appreciation messages appropriate for years of service awards “We are so proud to have you as part of our work family. “Congratulations on achieving this anniversary with us! “Thank you for being such a valuable member of our team. “Congratulations on your service anniversary today!.

What is Long service award?

A long service award is a gesture of recognition to thank your employee for working with your company for a certain length of time. Traditionally, long service awards have been celebrated for 5, 10, 25 and 40 years’ of employment with a business.